Undecided And Confused About Career Choice – Talk To A Therapist


The teenage years are an exciting time for young people looking forward to having the career of their choice.  Parents significantly influence their children on what path to choose.   They can impact their kids both positively and negatively.  But no matter how much guidance and support parents give their kids, often they end up running in a completely opposite direction.   


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Never Push Your Kids Because They Are Not You 

As a parent of a millennial, my teenager is very comfortable in discussing with me about his aspirations for the future.  He never aims to follow my footsteps but is not closing his mind to it and is also considering a career in somewhat the same field.  I introduced him to some friends and colleagues so that he will have an idea of other career paths that he may want to explore.   


I encouraged him to start expanding his network for the future.  He is very much aware that whatever it is that he will decide on, I will be here to support him.   

 Humans need to feel that they matter to someone and that their presence is welcomed and sought. — Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

Family Support 

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 According to a therapist, a teenager who is satisfied with his family status makes a significant impact on his career choices.   A fireman, a therapist, or a business person who provides well for his family and is an admirable member of the community can significantly influence his kid to take the same career path.   The same goes for a child raised in a family where he was deprived of the support and love he needs because of parents who are busy making money to provide for the family.  There’s a big possibility that he will choose a path that is entirely the opposite as that of his parents because of his desire to change his lifestyle for his future family.     

 Whenever you feel sacred, you should acknowledge the emotion and face it. Instead of running away, you should tell yourself that it is okay to experience fear. — Jacqueline Pearce, MSEd, LMHC

Confused Teenagers Should See A Therapist 

But sometimes, no matter how supportive we are as parents, there are kids who really are confused and have tried some careers that have not turned out well for them.   When your teenager is one of those who are confused and undecided about their career choice, let them talk to a therapist.   


A therapist can help and guide teenagers to decide on what career they want to get by utilizing a science-based career assessment.   They will discover what job they would want for themselves without regrets.   

Some points a therapist emphasizes are on  

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  1. Self-Identity.   Identity formation is essential during the teenage years.   It is critical in ego development and how he must handle insecurities.  A therapist can guide a teenager in knowing himself, his strengths, values, skills, and personality.   

 Think not “what is the perfect opportunity?”, but rather “what is perfect for me?” And what is ideal for you only develops over time, as a journey of experiences that unfold and reveal themselves as you evaluate your reactions to them over time. — Mira Brancu, Ph.D.

  1. Interest, Skills, And Wide Variety Of Options.   There are many job opportunities nowadays, and many tools are available that can assess your interest and skills versus the career suited for each.  A therapist can best explain to you how these interests and abilities that you have can lead to a career you can be happy with.   


  1. Making A Good Decision.   With the help of a therapist, you can explore all possibilities and can help you clear your mind, and you can even talk to a therapist about possible problems and hindrances you foresee in achieving your goals.  The therapist can also guide you on how to find a solution to those problems.   A therapist can also walk you through making the right decision, and it is highly recommended especially if you are confused about what career to choose.    


For others, the career you chose may not be the best or the one that suits you, but it is your future that depends on the decision you are going to make.  Be sure to be drawn to careers that you feel will enhance your skills more and will make you happy enough to love the career you will choose so you can contribute to society.