Things That Take Away Your Success

Putting up a goal and setting up the right attitude is the fundamentals of obtaining success. There are a lot of sacrifices that you need to consider as well tough decisions to make. Sometimes it requires letting go of people that don’t contribute to it at all. It can be a close friend, a family member, a spouse, etc. There are times that you’ll struggle, feel pain, and break. Yes, it’s inconsistent and exhausting most of the times, but eventually, hardships and sacrifices unquestionably pay off. You need to determine how to deal with stressors and become more open to ideas. But how would you do that if you don’t know what the hindrances are? You might want to start to evaluate the factors that take you away from reaching your goal.



Seeing other people around you reaching their success should start to motivate you. That includes your competitors. The way other individuals handle their objectives should become your inspiration and not something that will make you question your capabilities. You need to learn from them and allow yourself to understand the right strategies that you can also apply to your situation. Stop wasting your time looking at them at comparing yourself with their achievements. It will only sidetrack you from accomplishing your progress.


A lot of people fail because they have the habit of making excuses. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them. If you make a terrible decision and screw things up, stand up and own it. If something you do doesn’t turn out as planned, avoid making excuses. Instead, look for the cause of the problem and start addressing it. If you keep putting things away from where they should be, situations automatically get mixed up. So before you say something and reason out for the wrong things that are in front of you, continue to learn from the roots of it.

Most of us achieve our goals one small step at a time. Stress-management is no different. It’s not an all or nothing venture. Every little act of self-care contributes to less stress, better health, and happier relationships. —


Stock Up Learning

Your age, experience, and level of success are not enough reasons to stop you from learning. Success requires ongoing progress, and the more you thrive hard, the more you reach its mastery. But when you get stuck up and don’t allow knowledge to fill in, you will end up losing everything. It is okay to admit that you are incapable of knowing things. Use it as an inspiration to see things differently. Never assume that your position right now will permanently stay because it will not.


Looking back too often on the things that you didn’t achieve can make you lose focus. When you keep on thinking about the failures you had in the past, you’ll never be able to concentrate on what’s currently essential. Instead of blaming yourself from the wrong decisions you have made in the past, look for ways to maneuver the obstacles around your success. Put in mind that there’s no way you can bring things back. Therefore, the only way to achieve your goal is to push forward and never look back. Use your mistakes as a guide and practice picturing out the future.

Certainly pride is felt when we finish a valued task. Needless task delay undermines this sense of accomplishment and pride. — Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D.

Negative People

Associating with negative individuals make you create more complaints, excuses, and negative outlook in life. There’s a need to avoid these individuals at all cost. These people’s negativity can hurt your mental health because they remove you from your focus. With that, it impacts your potential and makes you lose control of your decision-making skills and ability to find solutions. These individuals are cancers to your success. Instead of keeping them around you, surround yourself with like-minded persons that encourage and inspire you to work on your objectives.

Fear of Change

Some people live their lives in doing the same things over and over again. If you are one of them, then expect wonderful things will never come in your way. The lack of willingness to build and adjust on your plans will never allow you to reach a goal. Since success is a continuous process, a stagnant strategy doesn’t allow possible opportunities. Instead of being scared of the inconsistency of success, use it as a tool for interventions.

Fear of failure can be paralyzing. People may turn down new opportunities and opt out of everything from a new job to a new relationship because they are too afraid that they will fail. —


More Talk

If you let your bark becomes more significant than your bite, you’ll only end up doing nothing. Successful people don’t just sit back and talk about things they want to do; they work on it. These individuals plan, follow through, address issues, and conquer success. If you keep on blabbering and wait for things to happen, then your goals are useless. Instead of opening your mouth and continuously talk about what you want to achieve, start making progress. Find ways to deliver your plans and continue to work hard.

Every process of success requires determination, motivation, perseverance, and focus. Allow failure to become part of your growth and learn to start things over. Never allow these things to take away the spotlight.