Things I Do That Help Maintain My Mental Health (Pandemic Stress Awareness)

For the past couple of months, I heard and saw people complain about a lot of stuff. There is the issue of financial and economic burden, personal hygiene safety, social distancing limitations, as well as mental health problems.

Honestly, all of those things are important right at this moment. So I understand that a lot of people are taking things too seriously. But for me, despite the challenging situation, I want to stay emotionally and mentally stable so that I won’t need to call BetterHelp or any counseling platform for help anytime soon.

Here are the things I frequently do to help maintain my mental health during this pandemic.


I Talk Often

Like any other person, my emotional and mental stress rise a few weeks after the Coronavirus outbreak. I also experienced anxiety and loneliness. But after realizing that I need to do something to get back on track, I practice talking, like a lot. I talk to myself in front of the mirror, stating the things I hate about everything that has been going around lately. I often tell myself that I need to prepare for the worst that could happen in the future. I also encourage myself to stay calm and try to be as brave as much as possible. Sometimes, I fail to convince myself that I should not think about the negative things. But when my thoughts are getting out of hand, I try to look for another outlet. Thus, I talk to people digitally.


I call my friends and classmates almost every day to spend time and get personal updates from their lives. I also chat with some of them through social media. I try to socialize digitally more often because it helps reduce my stress. It makes me happy to know that my friends and classmates are okay. Sometimes, I also contact my relatives and ask them about their situation. As they keep me company, I also ensure to encourage them to stay positive during this pandemic.


I Write Things

There are times that I don’t understand my emotions. That is why whenever I feel sad and lonely, I write the things that make me feel that way. Honestly, I don’t know it affects my mental health. But for some reason, when I read the stuff I wrote aloud, there is something inside me that instantly changes my mood. That even if I wrote things that are so painful and devastating, I still feel light and out of stress. There is one time that I wrote a harrowing experience, and reading it twice always makes me cry. But after a few moments, I began to feel motivated, thankful, and happy despite the not-so-encouraging words I put into my writing.

Perhaps not all people are fond of writing or journaling. But I can testify to the excellent mental and emotional benefits it can provide. In uncertain times like this, where social isolation is becoming a thing, journaling can become a lifesaver.


I Take Care Of Myself

One of the most common things that people do is taking care of themselves. But actually, it serves a purpose in keeping the balance of mental and emotional health. As I understand the importance of self-care, I always make sure to do something that benefits my mind and body. I take a shower every time I feel uncomfortable with the hot weather. I always make sure to exercise regularly. I try my best to eat healthy food, and I try to get sleep as much as I need. Honestly, these are all the basics of hygiene and lifestyle. But do not underestimate these habits because they can go a long way in keeping you mentally, emotionally, and physically stable.