The Mindset Towards Success (Psychiatry Discussion) 

There are people out there that are skillful and talented on a lot of things but can’t seem to accomplish anything. They don’t acknowledge the idea that even if the body has its limitations, the mind continues to look for ways. They focus so much on physical attributes and yet forget that the ideas and thoughts all start in the mind. Success needs mental readiness because without it, no one can become physically prepared.

We currently live in a perfection-driven society that strongly values talent and the achievement of goals.  However, recent surveys show that very few people set realistic goals for themselves and for those that do, an even smaller percentage are ever able to achieve them. —



Why Most People Never Achieve Their Goals

According to psychiatry, only two or three out of ten people achieve a high level of success. That’s because the people who don’t underestimate the situation and take the right action focus on one thing – mental health. With this, they began to value trying. They gather the motivation to at least try. They tell themselves that it is their job to decide and act on things. People don’t notice that sometimes they already failed because they didn’t believe in themselves. They don’t achieve their goals because they lack awareness on their mental and emotional strength. There is no winning mentality and all that they think about is fear and judgment.

The Important Factors Of Success


It’s a good time to stretch out of old comfort zones, contemplate changes in your personal life or at work, and replace a problematic habit or two with enriching ones. The sky is the limit. —

  • Setting A Target – If every individual won’t allow themselves to set a target, then failure is expected before someone even starts doing a task. No one can pick easy steps along the way to success, but if one’s goal is clear and realizes that skills, mindset, and resources are in place, then success becomes an ultimate achievement.


  • Creating A Decision – If people don’t push themselves into creating decisions, they won’t be able to think clearly. But before they go through the process of it, they need to understand that choices are not a personal preference. Sometimes it won’t bring happiness, it won’t go on people’s way, and it won’t be practical. Nevertheless, decisions matter in changing what is currently there.


  • Taking Action – Action changes people’s lives. However, if fear takes in place, it’s impossible to get through it. If people only wait for success and never work on it, it won’t happen. It’s impossible to reach a goal without doing something for it. There should have to be a long-term commitment. Either it’s going to be easy or hard, it shouldn’t have to matter as long as actions are taken into consideration.


  • Not Allowing Time To Decide – Time is beneficial in attaining success. However, people shouldn’t have to depend on it because they might end up waiting too long for things to happen. Though time can help in certain circumstances, it is still not a good idea to secure the future with it. Remember that time can make every individual often let go of the opportunity.

By allowing a more accepting, gentle, kind approach to all areas of your life and detaching from rigid notions of what is OK, you will feel freer and more relaxed. — Nicole S. Urdang, MS, NCC, DHM


Honestly, there’s nothing a man can’t do if only he puts his mind and soul into something. However, it will be a matter of focus, determination, self-confidence, and motivation, because these are beneficial in achieving the objective. Even when things are difficult, the mindset always finds its way through possibilities.

Author: Marie Miguel

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