Supermom, Juggling Family And Career

The more connected workers felt to the office, the more pressure they felt to “get ahead” by staying on the clock for extended periods of time. With only twenty-four hours in a day, something had to give. — Tchiki Davis, Ph.D.

We are now at the age where working mothers is the in thing.  Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics of 2016, 70.6 percent of women with children under 18 years old are working or looking for work.   Some women choose to work for career satisfaction, others because their families need the income.  There are even mothers who, soon after giving birth, decide to go back to the workplace because of fear of losing career opportunities.  




Supermoms Have Time For Work And Time For Kids

Not because mom is not home 24/7, the home will be a chaos or children will be neglected.  There are other reasons why kids feel abandoned.  Even when a mom stays home all the time, if she has no time for her kids, they will still feel alone.   It’s important, working or not, to give time to your children, support, love, and attention.   This prepares them to be well adjusted and have a sense of security and responsibility.   Most successful mothers have thought and trained their child well.  They have thought of strategies of how to be there for them despite their busy schedules.  

We have a new reason to think work-life balance might be an ethical necessity: lack of balance might undercut our ability to develop and act from good ethical character. — Bradford Cokelet Ph.D.

Supermoms Compartmentalize

Managing a career is not easy and so is managing a household.  Compartmentalizing helps her deal with her responsibility at the workplace and responsibility at home separately.   When she is in her workplace, she’s a career woman, but when she’s home, she’s a mother, so once she’s home, she refuses to think about work that she can have her full attention to her kids.  She is aware that her family needs her as much as her career.   

Supermoms Prioritize

Balance is the key.  Learning to prioritize maintains your balance between work, family, and you.  Always be sure to be on top of things.  Never do it without listing to do things, and see what must come first.  No matter how small decision you have to make, it will have the same impact on your work and to your family.  


Time Management

Technology is such an immense help when it comes to time management.  It allows you be present on your kid’s special moments and at the same time be able to check emails and messages through your gadgets.  Being there is a way of telling, “I CARE.”  Kids become prouder of their working moms when they are not missing events and milestones.


I wanted “love”. I wanted to make somebody feel special…and have them make me feel special in return. — Jeremy Nicholson M.S.W., Ph.D.

Have your “ME” time

You are important.  Juggling your time between career and family is quite exhausting.  No matter how full your schedule is, never forget that you, too, need to rest.  Schedule a  “ME’ alone time.   This is the time for you to relax and unload.   The baggage of your career and the load of your responsibility as a parent is no joke.  Be sure that you get enough sleep which is very important.   Do things that help you feel relaxed; if it’s shopping, go shopping, if it’s being with friends, have a night out.   You also deserve a walk in the park.  If you will not do it for yourself, no one will.  


Working and mothering a family is not easy, but very fulfilling.