Optimizing Your Home Office For Productivity

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Working from home has a lot of upsides. That includes having the freedom to create your own workspace, something that you can truly say your own. Aside from this, however, you need to make sure your home office is a place that encourages productive work. After all, it isn’t just your will that affects how you work but your surrounding as well.

So, if you’re someone who’s looking to reinvent his home workspace or someone planning to put up one, here are a few helpful tips for you!

Source: spaceoptimized.com

Strategizing workspace to maximize productivity can enhance your ability to complete your work faster, leaving more time to enjoy the rest of your life. — Wendy L. Patrick, JD, Ph.D.

  1. Choose The Best Place For Your Workspace

Most at-home workers see their workspaces as something of a second-class commodity when it shouldn’t be. To optimize productivity, you need a workspace that you think is the best – not some walk-in closet converted into an “office cubicle” to save space or either the basement or the attic because no one uses these rooms. Of course, if you really want to use these locations, the choice is yours. The main point is that your workspace is somewhere that hypes you up to work. Additionally, make sure your workspace is conducive to working, meaning, it’s neither cold nor hot and you wouldn’t get distracted by noise or too much quiet.

Pointers: It’s best if your home office has a door. This way, you can literally leave off work when you’re not working — just shut the door and leave your work worries and tasks behind to take on the next day.

  1. Consider The Room Lighting, Natural And Not

Maximize the use of natural light as much as possible. Besides, a home office with a window is good for ventilation especially when the non-snowy seasons approach. It can also serve as your breather when you hit a stump. Nevertheless, just because all are good with the natural lighting, you take your light fixtures for granted. What about when the dark hours set in? Is your office well-lighted for those days when you need to put in night shifts?

Pointers: Bright overhead lighting makes up for a hotel lobby-ish feel. Lamps are great for being mood fixtures. They give off a soft but lovely glow and add character to your workspace.

The office needn’t be a space closed off from the rest of the home—many of us are not lucky enough to have the space for this—but it should be obvious that this is a place of work.  High priority items should be placed front and centre and any domestic clutter should be kept to a minimum. — Colin Ellard Ph.D.

  1. Don’t Scrimp On Your Storage Space

Yes, storage space is important otherwise you’ll never be finished decluttering your work desk every time. But if you don’t want to have something to do with those cold office-looking filing cabinets, why don’t you go for shelves or library-looking bookcases you can put up against a wall? This way, you can get your paper files sorted out and organized while having room for books and other reference materials.

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Home Office Decor

Forget white, beige, brown and other traditional office colors (unless they’re something that you like!). You can go wild and paint your office walls with quirky bright colors like pink or opt for hues that are cooler to the eyes like mint green or soft blue. You can also add personal touches to the wall – a line of frames with motivational quotes, beautiful views…whatever strikes your fancy.

Pointer: You can put photos of your family on your desk but make sure they don’t occupy a large space. One or two is enough. Also, instead of using traditional office stuff, you can use things that are already available in your home. Example, you can use a mug to hold all your pens and another one for the pencils.

Something green – a.k.a. a pot of plant – is an important home office element. Greens are known to make people happy and they supply fresh oxygen to the room.

Think vertical and keep things off the floor as much as possible.  Clean your office at least once a week or hire a cleaning service. —

  1. Lastly, Invest In Your Office Furniture

If you’re starting your home office space from scratch, consider getting a stand-up desk. As what experts say, your desk job could be slowly killing you. If you want to have more options, get a piece of furniture that can serve both as a storage space and a stand-up desk like a shelf. Investing in an office chair is also more beneficial body-wise (think fewer back pains!) compared to just using whatever chair there is in your home.

Your productivity largely depends on your work output. However, a wonderful space to work in surely makes working worthwhile. So have fun decorating your own work nook and have a blast using it later on!