My Husband My Encourager

Whenever I am struggling with something, it is my husband who is always there to lift me up.  He encourages me with his words and his actions.  And through our years together, I have learned that from him, and so we have become each other’s inspiration and encourager.  Let me share with you how he does it.


He Knows Me Well

My husband loves me so much that he has become very responsive to my needs.   He knows what my dreams and aspirations are. He wants me not only to be a happy wife and a mother but to be satisfied and fulfilled as a person.  He helps me succeed in whatever it is that I want to accomplish.


He Is Up-To-Date

He is silently following my progress, so he is aware of what is happening every moment.  And by the time I ask him for help, he already knows how he can help me and what I need.  It just shows that he is really interested in what I do. And that is his way of encouraging me with his actions.  Men are not always good at words, but you will know their thoughts through their efforts.

Geeky guys may not seem obvious ideal partners, but remarkable new research just published in Frontiers in Psychology by Marco Del Giudice, Romina Angeleri, Adelina Brizio, and Marco Elena suggests that there may be more to their autistic-like characters than meets the eye. Indeed—and contrary to what you might think—they report that where long-term romantic relationships are concerned, geeky guys could be a surprisingly good bet. — Christopher Badcock Ph.D.



He Prays For Us

In our family, prayer is our greatest weapon.  He always covers me in his earnest prayers.  He will often ask me never to forget to lift everything else to the Lord, even my worries, pains, and fears.  Praying as a couple keeps us closer together.  If my husband knows what I need, more does my Father who is in heaven.  Prayer works, and it does wonders first and foremost in strengthening relationships.


He Understands My Pain

He is very good at acknowledging problems, and he often thinks rationally without belittling my pains, concerns, and fears.  He is never out of the right words to say that will encourage me, especially when I am at my lowest point, and I try my best to recognize his efforts.

Husbands and dads are considered strong when they are emotionally attuned to their families. — Teresa Maples-Zuvela CMAT, CSAT, LMHC, MS



He Is My Number One Fan And My Untiring Audience

He is always there ready to listen when I need someone to talk to and share my ideas with, especially at times when my thoughts are cluttered.  He hears me out and helps me analyze them.  He is good at thinking out of the box, and I am always open and accepting of his suggestions.


He Is Someone I Can Share My Successes And Failures With

No matter how little or big my accomplishments are, he never fails to celebrate them with me.  His thoughtfulness energizes me and keeps me going.

In times of failure, there is no judging or blaming words from him.  In fact, he often will be the first to remind me that failure is not something that should stop me but to let it be a teacher that pushes me hard to do better.

When you hug your husband, it’s not only a boost for the two of you; it’s also good for your kids. When they see you happy-and happy with each other-it makes their world. — Joanne Stern Ph.D.

He inspires me with his words, his actions, his strong faith, and with his own life.  Our age and our number of years together were not enough excuse for us to stop acknowledging, supporting, inspiring, and uplifting each other.  And I acquired all those things from him through the years.  I will not be as happy, contented, and fulfilled as I am today if not for my husband, my encourager.


Many couples who have spent long years together have gotten so comfortable with each other that they end up ignoring each other’s needs and desires.  The length of time you have stayed together as a couple should not stop you from fulfilling your responsibilities to one another, and from encouraging and inspiring each other.