Is Your Marriage Causing Stress?

Marriage takes both maturity and skills from both partners, plus good matching.  Partner choice does matter. — Susan Heitler Ph.D.

Going through a stressful marriage can break your heart into a million broken pieces. It can make you question your decision of marrying your husband in the first place. Worse, the situation may even make you consider getting a divorce. It is such a sad reality. Fortunately, there is something else that you can do to save your marriage before it becomes too late to even get BetterHelp therapists involved.


We have rounded up some tips that you can use to make your relationship stronger than ever. Stress will cause tension in the marriage, which is why you need to make an effort of eliminating it as soon as you can:


Talk About The Problems

Stop ignoring marital problems because it will only make matters worse. Be mature enough to handle them by starting to talk to your husband about it. If you are upset about something that he did, do not hesitate to open up about such issue. However, always remember that you must be careful in expressing your feelings to the other spouse. Otherwise, he will end up being on the offensive side.

 By facing up to problems early, effective couples may be able to reduce the fallout of some crises altogether. — Susan K Perry Ph.D.


Listen Carefully When The Other Is Speaking

As already mentioned above, communication matters in a marriage. The reality is that it can even make or break the entire relationship. Because of this, you must make an effort in letting the other person know that you are willing to communicate with him. Make him feel that you have all the ears for him. Whenever he is speaking, be sure to listen carefully. It is essential that he feels comfortable in opening up about what he is feeling towards you and the marriage.


Do Fun Things Together

Always make it a top priority to spend quality time together. No matter how busy you are with work or business, it is essential to find time to do fun activities. You will be surprised with how doing this can improve the relationship for the better. Take a weekend off and go out of town. Go to fancy restaurants for a dinner date. You can also choose to spend a whole day just watching a movie at home. What is important is that you have spent some time together.

 Instead of expecting your partner to fulfill your needs, find alternatives. Getting enough support is another aspect of growing your independence. — 

Seek Professional Help

The moment stress becomes too much to handle for both of you, the best thing to do is to seek professional help. This is the time when you need to call the assistance of a therapist or psychiatrist. It is not going to be simple and easy, but you can get through it together. Just make sure to ask for your partner’s consent before booking an appointment with the professional mental health expert.


Stress is indispensable in a relationship. No matter how perfect the union can be or how compatible the spouses are, stress will manifest at some time. When this happens, you must learn to resolve the issues quickly. Eliminating stress may be hard, which is why you must be committed to achieving this goal.