How To Be A Well-Equipped Woman According To A Psychiatrist

Education is said to be the cornerstone of a nation’s progress.  But still, in many countries, women and girls are deprived of their right to education despite the advancement that has taken place in the past 20 years.   

 After-school programs can increase your teenager’s long-term outlook on life and improve their potential to thrive as adults. But helping them find meaningful after-school programs can be challenging.  — Marilyn Price-Mitchell Ph.D.



According to the Unesco Institute for Statistics, in Pakistan alone, 16 million girls (ages six to 11) never had the chance to enroll even in primary school.    


Reasons And Problems   

Education may be advancing and rates in school attendance increasing all over the world, but still, some obstacles continue to prevent efforts to put girls in school to study.   

  • poverty 
  • armed conflict 
  • natural catastrophes  



Aside from the obstacles stated above, girls and women’s gender roles forced them to conform to the outdated thinking of what duty a female should be allowed to assume.   

In some cultures, girls as young as ten years old are forced into an early marriage that getting educated is never a priority.  Another is the teen pregnancy, and some places prohibit married or pregnant girls from coming to school as they are expected to assume childcare after giving birth.   

 Children are biologically built for self-education. Their instincts to explore; to observe; to eavesdrop on the conversations of their elders; to ask countless questions; and to play with the artifacts, ideas, and skills of the culture all serve the purpose of education. — Peter Gray Ph.D.

Women’s Right To Education And Career 

Since the international community has commended the equal rights to quality education for everyone, boys and girls alike, many organizations have joined hands to fight for girls’ rights to education in order to enjoy a career later in their adulthood.   


A girl attending school makes her realize her full capabilities throughout her life.  It gives her a sense of security, being better prepared to secure a well-paying job, allowing her to live a life that she wants, and enabling her to leave a violent home or support a family she treasures.   


Well-Equipped Women 

A psychiatrist talks about how to be a well-equipped woman and how she can protect herself and contribute not only to the society but be of help by financially supporting immediate and extended families.    


An empowered woman of today is far better at juggling her role as a childcare giver, a wife, and a career woman.   She is wiser and far better at taking her responsibilities both at home and in the workplace seriously.   She knows how to take care of herself and becomes a role model for her family – a role model that every single female in the family can look up to.   

 The earlier you are in the process of seeking that “ideal” opportunity, the more you should be trying things that are farther off from your perfect criteria. — Mira Brancu, Ph.D.

Tips For Aspiring Career Women From A Woman Psychiatrist  

Our psychiatrist is a woman with lots of responsibilities and is still able to raise her family.  According to her, balancing is not indeed that hard.  In all actuality, there are lots of women like her these days, successful influencers and businesswomen, who can do their jobs well and raise their kids with love, support, and care they need.   




According to her, whether you have one kid or a bunch of them, organization and discipline are the keys to be able to manage both career and childcare.  Allowing your kids to do the same thing and sending them to the same school, if possible near your workplace, can save you a lot of time.  Disciplining the kids and giving them responsibilities, like sharing in household chores and looking after the little ones, are essential to be able to run the household with fewer worries.   


As also suggested in family websites like Famlu, FamilyTreeMagazine and FamilyHype, another way for things to work out for a career woman is to live near family.   It doesn’t only make the children close to their grandparents and other relatives, but you will have more peace of mind when you have to go on an unplanned business trip.   


No matter how busy life gets, never forget to take care of yourself.  A well-equipped woman knows how to care for herself, is aware that she, too, needs to relax, sleep, maintain a proper diet, and take time alone to rejuvenate and revitalize her used up energy.   That way, you will not get easily exhausted and will remain that creative and happy career woman, mother, and wife all at the same time, roles which you always wanted to fulfill. 


Be prepared. Equip and empower yourself, for now, is the era when women can have both a successful career and a happy family.