How To Be A Stress-Free Mother And Career Woman


It has been a routine for me to attend events like the 2017 Work-Life Balance Forum. I don’t expect to hear anything out of the ordinary, but I go anyway because it gives me peace of mind. It is as if a check-in with my therapist. Knowing that I do most of what the guest speakers suggest tells me that I am doing well as a mother and career woman.

Now, in one of these events, a brutally honest speaker phrased ideas in a way that I can’t ever forget. Here are the things that I’ve heard:

Finish Work On Time
Despite the number of things that the boss asks you to do, try to finish work on time. You should not stay in the office for more hours than necessary because it reduces the time left for your family. In case you don’t believe how problematic it is, just look at husbands who cheat or kids who have gone astray due to an ultra-busy wife or mother.

Leave Work At Work
Your work may be making it possible for you to afford the expenses at home, but it is not welcome inside the house. It needs to stay at your workplace where it belongs. This way, your attention won’t deviate from the project when you should be focusing on your loved ones.


Never Get Caught Without A Hobby
Hardworking folks experience burnout since all they do are work-related things. If you feel scared of hating your job someday, then you need to pick a hobby. Such activity can spice up your life and energize you to keep on working.

Looking for a work-life balance is healthy. You love your work, but you also need to feel alive. More importantly, you are a vital member of your family; if you never have time for them, your relationship may fall apart. I am sorry if you still have not found that perfect equilibrium, but things may change once you follow the tips above.