Be Happy By Avoiding Toxic People From The Workplace

If you think about how people define themselves, it is often by the roles they hold—dad, sister, mother, daughter, brother, husband, and so on. Our lives are built on the relationships we create. Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

When it comes to establishing your career, it is essential that you know what you are passionate about. Be sure to determine what makes you happy so that it will be easier on your part to live the kind of life you have been dreaming of. Never settle for anything less as it will only take the happiness away in your system. Sometimes, no matter how hard you make an effort to love your job, there are some instances wherein the people around you are giving you some reasons to be unhappy. Well, do not worry because you can always avoid these toxic people.


In this article, we are going to provide a list of the types of individuals that you should avoid in the workplace. These people are so toxic that they can put you in a bad mood or to take your sunshine away.


The Gossiper

Office gossips are always unhealthy. There is no correct justification for it. As such, whenever you hear someone talk negatively about other people, then the best thing to do is to avoid that person. She will only put you in a bad light. At the same time, she may also influence you to talk about and feast on the misfortunes of your work colleagues.


The Overdramatic


In the workplace, you may come across someone who always reacts negatively on several occasions. She is the type of person who cannot control her emotions. There is a high tendency that she will open up to you about her gloomy thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, that is bad for you because you may also become temperamental just like her.

I have been empowered by being born healthy, by being educated, by being loved, and by trying hard to be brave. And by being taught to think and think again, and always to question orthodoxy. — Michael Woodward Ph.D.

The Jealous Type

It is so easy to detect this kind of individual. Be careful because she can be deceiving. At first, you will see her as a caring person who wants something good to happen in your career. However, as days go by, you will realize that she is envious of your success. To determine if an officemate is a jealous type, study the way she would react whenever you share a positive experience in the company. Try to find out if she would feel genuine happiness for you.


The Victim

Being with a person who is always sad can be exhausting on your part. It is draining to hear her talk about how unfortunate she can be in the different aspects of her life. Well, it is a good thing if you are the person to whom a workmate talks to whenever she has a problem. But if she does it on a regular basis, then you need to start worrying. That individual will just make you feel sorry for things. Her sadness can be contagious.


The Judgmental

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A self-righteous person is a toxic individual. Be careful when you are with this work colleague. She can make it appear that the things you are passionate about are not great or fantastic. Because of this, she may encourage you to try doing an activity that you will never be good at. When this happens, you will feel terrible about the situation.


These people in the office carry too much negativity. Make sure to keep yourself away from them so that you will be happier in your career path.

Follow the feelings and the associated running stream of thought to help you tease apart normal fears of taking a new exciting opportunity from fear that it’s the wrong path for you. Mira Brancu, Ph.D.