Encourage Your Woman – Reframe Fears To Be Successful 

Each time I am being recognized, I always give credit to my husband.   Because behind my every success is my supportive husband.  He never falls short in encouraging me when I doubt myself. 


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I already had our first baby when I graduated from college and on my way to giving birth to our second child.  So I was a stay-at-home mom for a few years until my husband gave me an idea to practice my career.  


He supported me and he found ways to help me get a startup job.    


At first, I was hesitant to try anything because of fear that other people will look down on me because I am just a woman, a plain housewife, and a mother.  I feel like I barely know anything anymore and afraid that I might end up a failure.  


Most women no matter how smart, strong, and intelligent they are when facing a daunting situation – such as being assigned to do a new task or deliver a speech – tend to pull themselves back.   I am no different from those women, but I am blessed enough to have a significant other who pushes me to become the best version of me.   


He always reminds me to refrain from being hard on myself and to stop being my own worst enemy. 


If you want something but fear that you are not good enough, the same words I will re-echo to you today.  You can do it, and you can be better.  Or if it is your partner who lacks self-esteem, encourage her to reframe her fears to be successful in whatever it is she wants to do.  

 Fear is not just a feeling, but a form of energy. Any energy that is accumulated will require an outlet at some point. — Jacqueline Pearce, MSEd, LMHC

Recognize Fear 


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We all do have this uneasy feeling whenever we are to do something significant.  Even the most successful people still feel the butterflies in their stomach when they are about to start a new venture.  Recognize that feeling because it’s a healthy feeling, but never let it slow you down or stop you.  Thinking that it is a part of the process will help you get past it.   


Stop Being A Perfectionist 

Women tend to always aim for perfection.  When assigned to do something, they always want to be 100% prepared before they take on the job.  Don’t be too hard on yourself. Being around 80% is already enough to prove your capacity to do well.  Make a list of all your crafts, strengths and skills, and you will be surprised to discover that you are more than able.   

 Not only is social support important to our own sense of self-worth and to our identity, but it is also the salve we seek when we meet with less than satisfying events. — Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

Accept Your Failures And Learn From Them 

Ask yourself what things are making you nervous and unsure about the task.   Allow yourself to imagine the worst things that you think may happen.  Consider all these factors and ask yourself if you are ready for those negative things.  If you can live with them, it’s a sign that you are prepared to take on the risk.   


Rejection Can Be An Opportunity 

No one wants to be rejected.   It is like punching you right in your gut, leaving you in pain and unable to do anything.  But have the courage for it isn’t the end unless you allow it to be.  Failure means life is giving you an opportunity to take on another road – the road where others have seized to have a taste of success.   

 My current partner understands what I am trying to accomplish with my work. He does what he can at home to support my efforts. — Marcia Reynolds Psy.D.

I am proud of my husband because he has always been the wind beneath my wings.  He makes me feel confident and secure about myself and my capabilities.  A healthy relationship is where you never feel like you’re being tied up or pressured but instead supported and encouraged.  His very words of encouragement will always be with me to take on more for I know he will always be beside me no matter what. 


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Stop being just husband and wife. Instead, be partners in everything and help each other succeed because the moment you decided to be together under one roof, you have become one.  The success of one is the success of both of you.