Counseling Advised You To Own Your Day 

All of us struggle with the busyness of everyday life. Looking forward to the weekend for fun and rest is what keeps us going.  But then when your boss suddenly calls for a heads up for extra work on the weekends, this could immediately put your spirit even more down.   


This kind of lifestyle makes me feel drained that I decided to undergo counseling before I lose my sanity.  According to my counselor, it’s natural for us, busy office workers, to look forward to our weekends for rest.   But according to him also, this kind of mindset is not quite right as you kind of surrender your weekdays to your work and then feeling like being held hostage when you are asked to work on the weekends.   

To not feel lost and down, you have to start owning your every day, finding balance and improving your quality of life.   How can you do this? It’s not easy but it’s achievable with discipline until you see yourself doing it in rhythm and enjoying your life.    

Starting Your Monday On The Right Foot 

Therapists say that how our Mondays will significantly affect our whole week.  So it is vital to make our Monday less stressful and something we should always look forward to as we start our week.   

One successful businessman said in an interview that as much as possible he tried his best to finish his tasks by the end of the previous week so that Monday will be a day of cleaning up leftover small tasks.   It is essential to use Monday for decluttering to go ahead with the rest of the week with a clear perception of what jobs you will do next.   Wiping your slate clean also includes your inbox, prioritizing the important ones and setting aside the least important for later.  Seeing your workplace and your task schedule clean and neat gives you a good vibe.   

When you introduce an artificial deadline, you focus more, work faster, are less bored, and are less likely to have your procrastination triggered. — Susan K Perry Ph.D.

Make Your Tuesday And Wednesday Productive 

It is the best day to deal with that big project, collaborate, and meet with clients.  Some even say this is the best day to ask your boss for a raise. Well, that sounds like good advice!  

The Chairman of Australian Human Resources Institute explains that 90% of sick leaves in Australia occurs on Mondays and Fridays, and I can say this is also the case in our country, especially when there is a long weekend.  That said, it is perceived that most people who show up at work on Mondays and Fridays do not, in actuality, want to be there, thus making them less productive.    


With the Monday feeling a little low and not making many contributions to your workplace, make Tuesday your creative and fruitful day.   

For some, Tuesday is just about regaining the momentum, and so it has to go on until Wednesday making you more at it allowing you to knock out a reasonably big bulk of work.  Still, in that productive and creative mood, collaboration and brainstorming for another significant project are as well welcome.   

This type of awareness is crucial in that it provides clients with a sense of mastery over behaviors they previously perceived as being beyond their control. — Robert Firestone, Ph.D

Give Thursday A Chance To Be The Best Day Of Your Week 

Having crossed out some of your to-do-list for the week gives you a sense of accomplishment, thus boosting your mood.  And because you’re just a day away from the much-awaited weekend, Thursday is the day of the week which makes you feel pleasant and attractive, making it an excellent day to go on a date.   

 Give Your Friday A Bit Of An Oomph 

Being able to accomplish so much on your previous days, Fridays should be a bit less of a struggle.  That means less or no rushing on report deadlines, confidently attending meetings, and reporting your progress for the week.  Before leaving your office, it would be helpful if you spend a little of your time taking notes of your priority to-do list for the coming Monday so that Monday will again flow smoothly having already a list on your desk.   


Psychologists say that a little discipline can make weekday life easier and less stressful.  If ever your boss asks you to do something out of the blue, stay calm and never let your emotion deal with the situation.   With a clear head, it is easier to think of ways on how you can accomplish the task quickly and efficiently.   It would also be better if you can ask your boss directly how he wants things to be done or if he already has an idea or a plan so you’ll have an understanding of what exactly you have to do, and then you can start from that.    

Unfortunately, the tools necessary to help build self-esteem aren’t taught in childhood or in most school systems; often, they are things individuals learn only when they wind up struggling with mood or relationship problems that cause them to seek help. — Megan MacCutcheon, LPC

Prioritizing is very important for you to have control of your every day, and prioritizing means prioritizing yourself not just your job.  No matter how busy your day is, just squeezing in little things for yourself helps you feel like you own your day even for just that small amount of time.  Making a little pit stop on the rooftop of your building or in the cafeteria, watching a movie with friends, or making a short trip to a salon can make your day a bit of extraordinary and can give you a fantastic and rejuvenated feeling. 

Maintaining a balance between your work and your life makes you feel good about yourself, allowing you to have a sense of accomplishment as you become more productive and creative.