2015 New Orleans Productivity Seminar: Ways To Be Productive Every Day

Going to the 2015 New Orleans Productivity Seminar was more like a necessity than a way to pass the time for me. Back then, my life was pretty much in total disarray. I could not find a job; my relationship was on the rocks. It felt as if I was stuck at the bottom; that’s why I went to the convention while hoping that the panelists could share some of their wisdom to me.

And it worked, you know. I own my business already. I’m with a beautiful person. I can also give you tips now on how to be productive every day.

Source: unsplash.com

1. Create Clear Goals The Night Before 

The first step to boost your productivity is to set goals for the next day before you go to bed. That is a way of preparing your mind for what’s ahead of you. Hence, you can delegate enough time for every task and never need to cram.

2. Avoid Your Smartphone Until Breakfast Time Is Over

Checking your e-mails or social media accounts as soon as you open your eyes is not ideal. The online world is no different from a vacuum that can suck you in and keep you from doing more important things. You should shower, water the plants, work out, talk to your family, and eat breakfast before you even touch your mobile device.

3. Start With The Most Difficult Tasks

It is also a great habit to begin your day by working on things that seem most challenging for you. You can’t go from the easiest up to the hardest, thinking that it will allow you to get more stuff done. By the time you reach the last project, you may already be exhausted; that’s why you should do it the other way.

Source: unsplash.com

4. Say No To Multitasking

Lastly, no matter how many projects you have during the day, you should avoid multitasking. That is the familiar source of stress for people who try to handle what’s humanly impossible. You need to take activities one at a time to ensure that the quality of your product won’t suffer.


Let’s all start being productive today. Cheers!