Encouraging Self To Stay Calm Amidst Global Health Crisis

Given that the world is experiencing a global health crisis, the uncertainties of everything continues to grow. No one knows how to stop the pandemic, and it seems like everyone is already reaching their limits. The physical, financial, emotional, and mental exhaustion are taking its toll on people’s lives, and they can’t seem to do anything about it. But despite all the negativity out there, one must remember to stay calm. It is essential to understand that staying positive about this whole situation is still the best thing that everybody can do.

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Mind Over Matter

The idea of focusing the mind on achieving better things is not only for the purpose of survival in this time of crisis. When people think about positive things, it allows them to develop a strong emotional and mental foundation. It helps in managing decisions that can be useful in addressing current issues along with the pandemic. These include supplies of food and necessities, clothing, shelter, as well as financial needs. When individuals keep their thoughts straight and start looking at better things despite this whole situation, they become more aware of their surroundings. They attract positive outcomes.

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Avoid Stress

Stress is the number one cause of self-destruction. Thus, it is essential to stay away from it, no matter what. Yes, the struggle of keeping a stable mental and emotional health is not easy. And there are times that all the negative things people hear and see become their truth. When that happens, it becomes their reason for quitting. Therefore, individuals must recognize their life stressors to remove it out of their lives. But note, people must take actions one at a time to secure a winning move in getting rid of the stress and anxiety. Yes, the process is not going to be comfortable, and the progress may take quite a while. But it is essential to understand that considering taking a step can make a significant difference.

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The Struggle Is Real

In this pandemic situation, people are all anxious and afraid. All the worries they have in mind is eating them up. These individuals can’t see and think clearly because they are blinded by the current hardships and sacrifices they have to make only to survive. There are lots of things they can’t do because of the restrictions they have to follow. Thus, everything in everyone’s lives becomes sedentary and lonely. Humans are known to be free-spirited creatures, and the longer they get restricted to do what they naturally do make them confused and dysfunctional. The more they think about being locked up, the harder they accept and adjust to their current situations.

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Ignore Unnecessary Emotions

This situation indeed has a lot of uncertainties, and that includes giving everyone unnecessary emotional responses. Despite the truth that people’s emotions at this time of the pandemic are valid, not all of them are useful. There are unnecessary emotions that only add pressure to the already struggling situation. For example, there is anger. It is quite acceptable that most people can use anger as a way of showing their eagerness for situational control. However, the battle is not between each individual. What everyone is dealing with is not something they can win over a heated argument. Thus, it is useless to depend on anger, given that the virus doesn’t care about that.

Of course, no one can tell how someone should handle this current global health crisis. Every individual is dealing with their own battle. But regardless of that, all should acknowledge that staying calm and positive in this situation is the top priority in securing emotional and mental function.

How To Be A Stress-Free Mother And Career Woman

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It has been a routine for me to attend events like the 2017 Work-Life Balance Forum. I don’t expect to hear anything out of the ordinary, but I go anyway because it gives me peace of mind. It is as if a check-in with my therapist. Knowing that I do most of what the guest speakers suggest tells me that I am doing well as a mother and career woman.

Now, in one of these events, a brutally honest speaker phrased ideas in a way that I can’t ever forget. Here are the things that I’ve heard:

Finish Work On Time
Despite the number of things that the boss asks you to do, try to finish work on time. You should not stay in the office for more hours than necessary because it reduces the time left for your family. In case you don’t believe how problematic it is, just look at husbands who cheat or kids who have gone astray due to an ultra-busy wife or mother.

Leave Work At Work
Your work may be making it possible for you to afford the expenses at home, but it is not welcome inside the house. It needs to stay at your workplace where it belongs. This way, your attention won’t deviate from the project when you should be focusing on your loved ones.

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Never Get Caught Without A Hobby
Hardworking folks experience burnout since all they do are work-related things. If you feel scared of hating your job someday, then you need to pick a hobby. Such activity can spice up your life and energize you to keep on working.

Looking for a work-life balance is healthy. You love your work, but you also need to feel alive. More importantly, you are a vital member of your family; if you never have time for them, your relationship may fall apart. I am sorry if you still have not found that perfect equilibrium, but things may change once you follow the tips above.

Staying Calm Amidst The Storm (Successfully Manage Stress Levels)

If you are going to ask me one characteristic I love most about my husband, without a blink of an eye, I would say it is his being calm.  I admire his ability to manage his emotions even under pressure.  This individuality of him allows him to be in control in any situation with a clear mind whether at work or home.

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Help Your Partner Embrace Failure

Almost every person who became successful in their chosen field had experienced failure at one point in their lives.  Failure of various forms has provided them with valuable benefits that helped them develop a mindset that is fitting to a person who can be successful.  It is a mindset that allowed them to keep on pushing forward to reach their goal despite the odds.

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Undecided And Confused About Career Choice – Talk To A Therapist


The teenage years are an exciting time for young people looking forward to having the career of their choice.  Parents significantly influence their children on what path to choose.   They can impact their kids both positively and negatively.  But no matter how much guidance and support parents give their kids, often they end up running in a completely opposite direction.   


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How To Be A Well-Equipped Woman According To A Psychiatrist

Education is said to be the cornerstone of a nation’s progress.  But still, in many countries, women and girls are deprived of their right to education despite the advancement that has taken place in the past 20 years.   

 After-school programs can increase your teenager’s long-term outlook on life and improve their potential to thrive as adults. But helping them find meaningful after-school programs can be challenging.  — Marilyn Price-Mitchell Ph.D.

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Make Multi-tasking A Way Of Life

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Are there many things in your life that demand time and attention? Are you overwhelmed with all the tasks and obligations you need to complete for a given period? Do you want to accomplish more and become extra-productive in your daily activities? If you answered yes to all these questions, then it is about time for you to consider multitasking.

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Get What You Want By Manifesting Your Desires

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If there is one thing that you need to know right now is that your mind is so powerful. By just thinking about the things you want, you are already taking a big step in turning your dreams into reality. This is why it is necessary to practice how to make manifestations. The process includes narrowing down your thoughts and placing them into categories. Eliminate negative thoughts and start thinking of more positive ideas and things.

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